Business partnerships with a human touch

Who we are

Cabico&co is one of the leading high-end custom cabinetry makers in North America.

Our Cabico and Elmwood product brands are trusted names and have been for over 35 years. Supporting those brands, we offer a comprehensive array of specialized, value-added services that enhance our relationship with select retailers across the continent.

We bring a human touch to every aspect of the Cabico&co experience. That same human touch guides the work of our artisans, who skilfully blend the latest technology with the best in traditional craftsmanship to deliver high-end projects of remarkable complexity.


How we think. How we work.

For us, business is about forging solid, profitable partnerships in pursuit of shared success. The way we think and work all boils down to the four CO-dimensions that define us as partners in success.

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    A relationship founded on

    Consideration of the everyday concerns, challenges, and goals of everyone involved. That’s why we go out of our way to add a human touch to everything we do and make things simple, easy, and enjoyable for our clients. Because total satisfaction only comes with thoughtful consideration.

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    A promise of

    At Cabico&co, we’re proud of the consistency of our operations and our quality. Proud of our seamless, impeccable business relationships. Our consistency is integral to the human touch that sets us apart.

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    A belief in

    If you can dream it, we can build it! Co-creation is the special synergy you get when production flexibility results in total design freedom—when our human touch becomes the direct extension of your creative intention.

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    A passion for making a

    We’re committed to contributing to your success, or even better: our shared success. We contribute to that success through our exceptional performance at every stage of the process. Through our respect, teamwork, dedication, and pride of a job well done, we contribute to a sense of partnership that’s permeated by our human touch.