Dreams crafted with
a human touch

We offer profitable partnership opportunities in line with your business ambitions.

Build on outstanding product offerings from two of North America’s most sought-after custom cabinet brands, Cabico and Elmwood. Plus, enjoy access to industry-leading expertise, unparalleled customer support, and a full suite of resources to boost your performance and meet all your critical business needs.

The cornerstone of our mutual success? Our human touch, the link that connects our fine cabinetmaking expertise to your creativity and your customers’ dreams.

Looking for a career with a human touch?

Work in a stimulating production and service environment where people are central to who we are and how we work. An environment driven by innovation and teamwork that gives you ample opportunity to grow.

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Let your creativity take flight with Elmwood and Cabico


Distinctively crafted

Cabico reveals the distinctive character of the most creative designs through impeccable fabrication and workmanship. With its noble materials, stunning finishes, and rich textures, Cabico is elegance incarnate.

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Supremely refined

The ultimate in custom cabinetry. A masterful fusion of fine materials and consummate craftsmanship for the most discerning of tastes. As a trendsetter, Elmwood combines form, function, and quality to create standout pieces for even your most complex projects. Impeccable quality. Timeless appeal. Pure artistry.

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